Got the summer job search woes? Read this.

Looking for summer work is often the last thing students want to think about in February. At this point in the semester, students are often tired, overwhelmed, and let’s be real…they are just focused on making it through a day of classes without relying on copious amounts of coffee and just dreaming of when they can catch up on their sleep again.

And why think about summer work now anyway? That’s months away, right? Yes, the last day of classes is still 9 weeks away, BUT did you know that most summer student jobs are advertised with closing dates in January and February? So the earlier students start their job search, the more options they will have for finding the job that suits them best!

And that’s where the Student Employment & Career Centre comes in. We understand how busy students are. And we also know that the job search process can be truly intimidating. Trying to figure out just what it is that an employer wants can feel as complicated as the hardest homework assignment ever given. But it doesn’t have to be complicated. Our office has the privilege of working with between 200 – 300 employers during each academic year, and we host numerous student events to try to bring students and employers together. Our goal is take some of the stress off of students by demystifying this process and helping students make connections with employers.

One way we do this is through events like the Community Job Fair, which takes place on Wednesday, February 6th from 10am – 3pm in our Centennial Hall and B-wing hallway. This event will bring more than 40 employers on campus to highlight their job opportunities ranging from summer jobs to permanent career positions. These employers represent a variety of industries so there really is something that could appeal to all students.

The Community Job Fair serves as a great opportunity for students to get some one-on-one time with employers and learn what they can do to make their applications stand out from other jobseekers. There are some steps students can take to enhance their job fair experience:

  • Practice an introduction – knowing how to network effectively begins with the ability to greet someone and share appropriate and relevant information.
  • Dress appropriately on event day – this is an opportunity to make a great first impression on an employer.
  • Visit as many booths as possible – learn about the organizations in attendance, what they do, and the types of career pathways they offer (students are often surprised to learn about the different ways their diploma/certificate can be used in industries that don’t seem directly related). Plus it is a great way to practice networking and interacting with employers.
  • Be professional and courteous – be positive, enthusiastic, and genuinely interested when meeting employers. Don’t just load up on swag and giveaways without asking employers some questions about their industry and organization.
  • Follow through – after finding opportunities of interest, meet with the Student Employment & Career Centre to get assistance with customizing resumes and cover letters, job search strategies, as well as practicing interview skills. This is a free service for all students.

Meeting employers does not have to be intimidating or feel overwhelming. The more prepared students are in knowing what to expect and how to present the best versions of themselves, the better those interactions will be. The Student Employment & Career Centre is located in centre core, across from Registration. Stop by to learn about the ways we support students in reaching their career and employment goals.

Published by

Shelly Drefs, CCDP

I have the fantastic job of helping students find meaningful employment, whether it be in their field of study or while they are attending the Medicine Hat College. Our office provides students with resume/cover letter assistance, mock interviews, career advising, and aptitude/skills assessments. We also post employment positions on our job database, and plan various events such as our Career Fairs, Job Fairs, Employer Presentations, and Canada Career Week activities.

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