Tips for Making the Most of Reading Week

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Have you considered any plans for reading week? Many students are looking forward to a much-needed break, but may not have considered how they will spend their time.  In order to make the most of the break, consider setting some goals based on how you want to feel when you return for the second half of the semester. If you want to come back feeling relaxed, productive, confident and fulfilled, consider these tips:

  1. Get Clarity – Leading up to the break, you likely had a lot on your plate, and there is likely more for you to do upon your return.   Do a mind dump and write everything down that is on your mind. Get clear on what you have accomplished leading up to the break and what is expected of you after the break. Review your course outlines to see what you have already covered and what is yet to come in each class.   This will help you gain a sense of control after a busy few weeks and will allow you to prepare for the second half of the semester.
  2. Rejuvenate –  Although reading week is a prime opportunity to get caught up on your course work, successful students take time out to rest their bodies and minds.  Catch up on sleep, plan healthy meals, spend time with family and friends, be active and get some “me” time.  Allowing the time for self-care over the break will lead to a clear mind and healthy body and will help you relax and be productive.
  3. Summer Job Search – If you are planning to attain summer work, consider updating your resume and applying for potential jobs.  Employers are already looking for students to fill summer positions, and this will allow you to get a head start on being a successful candidate without the pressures of school.
  4. Block Your Time – Reading week will give you the chance to have some free time and catch up, however the disrupted schedule can lead to distraction.  Be mindful of blocking time for what you want to accomplish and go about your days with intention.  Without blocking your time, you may get caught in distraction and before you know it the week will be over.  Plan catch up time during your most productive part of the day and “me” time for other parts of the day so you can end your week feeling relaxed, productive, confident and fulfilled.

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Justine McKennie

Academic Strategist at Medicine Hat College. I am passionate about genuinely empowering students to take control of their academic experience and habits of working so they can have the most fulfilling journey possible at MHC.

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