Be Kind to Your Mind

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While some people view the New Year as a chance for transformation, many of us are just not feeling it this year. The pandemic rages on, and the weather zigzags between Freezing Cold™ and Slightly Less Cold™. But while this is indeed our reality right now, please know that you are not alone. We are experiencing these things collectively, and we can remain resilient by reaching out to one another. This semester, we encourage you to “Be Kind to Your Mind” and check out some of the supports that Medicine Hat College has to offer:

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MHC Mental Health and Counselling

Our college’s Mental Health and Counselling team offers support to students in the form of one-on-one counselling sessions. These sessions are completely free and confidential. Each student can access up to six sessions per semester, and should you need more you will be provided guidance on how to access other free programs within the city.

To schedule your first session, simply visit the advising desk or call 403-529-2819. Drop-in appointments are also available on Walk-in Wednesdays between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. (visit or call the advising desk as early as possible to secure a spot).

Note: All counselling sessions for the Winter 2022 semester will take place online. Should you need access to a computer and a private space you can visit the Library to book a solo study room for your appointment.

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Chaplaincy Services

Chaplain George works at MHC as a spiritual guide to students, staff, and faculty. No matter your beliefs or religion, Chaplain George is available to speak to you in-person and remotely. What can you talk to him about? Anything from spirituality and world religions, stress, grief, homesickness, and just existing in this complicated world.

You can book appointments with Chaplain George by visiting the Chaplaincy webpage and clicking BOOK ONLINE. The Interfaith Centre is also available to reserve for prayer, group worship, and other spiritual activities. These reservation requests must be submitted to Facility Bookings prior to the 15th of the previous month.

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Student at Risk Support Team

The Student at Risk Support Team (SARS) is available to offer support to students who may be experiencing personal challenges, mental health issues, or academic struggles. If you know someone who may be at risk, please do not hesitate to contact SARS. Early intervention can reduce the chance of crises – never worry that you are overreacting!

Please be aware, SARS is not an emergency service. In case of emergency, call 911.

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Library Resources

If solo reflection is more your style, our library holds books and online resources related to all sorts of mental health topics. You can browse our online reading list or check out our in-person displays on campus!

Please don’t think twice about accessing any of these resources if you feel at all stressed this semester. College is hard, and you are accomplishing amazing things simply by being here. Have fun, study hard, but most of all be kind to your mind.

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Library Gadgets from the Multimedia Zone

You probably know the basics of the library: you can sign out books, you can find a spot to study, you can use the drop-in computers… but did you also know that there is a whole world of multimedia gadgets accessible to you, as a student, with your library card?

What you are about to read is by-no-means a complete list of some of the fun and useful items available for you to sign out at our service desk.

You have now entered… The Multimedia Zone!

Phone Chargers

We’ll admit it. When our phone’s battery is low we get a little freaked out. The laws of the universe clearly state that your phone must die at precisely the moment that is most inconvenient to you. Maybe you’re waiting to hear back about a job interview. Maybe you’re watching the last two minutes of your favourite TV show. Maybe you’ve just told your crush that you’re in love with them and they’ve left you on read. Whatever the reason, your phone will run out of battery in that moment. It’s just a harsh reality.

But at the library, we can help! We have phone chargers of all types available for 4-hour loan periods, allowing you to extend the life of your phone’s battery at least enough for you to get the closure you need.

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Flash Drives

When it comes to final projects, losing your files is the last thing you want to happen. Yes, you saved your stuff on the “Z” drive. Sure, you probably emailed yourself a copy. But what happens when the internet goes down and you can’t access your email? What will you do?!

Avoid this terrifying scenario by signing out one of the flash drives from the library multimedia desk. You can keep it for 24-hours, and know that your files will stay with you wherever you go.

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Noise-Cancelling Headphones

The Vera Bracken Library:

Spacious and comfortable? Yes!

Staffed with friendly library workers who love to help students? You bet!

A tranquil chamber of silence and solitude? Ummm… not always.

We LOVE the fact that students use the library to do group studying and big collaborative projects, but we know that sometimes you just need some peace and quiet. This is why we offer noise-cancelling headphones, available to sign out at the library multimedia desk! You can borrow these headphones for up to four hours whenever you need a break from the clamor.

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Testing 1-2. Check. Check.

Microphone on your laptop not working? Need to borrow a handheld for your next club meeting? The library multimedia desk has you covered with microphones of all types, available for you to borrow. Just don’t forget your library card!

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Sewing Machine

You have now reached the weirder part of the list, featuring a couple of items you probably wouldn’t have guessed you could sign out from the library. Imagine yourself with a hole in your favourite pair of jeans or a broken strap on your backpack. What will you do? You didn’t bring a sewing machine with you to college. Who brings a sewing machine to college? [Okay, the author of this blog post totally did bring a sewing machine to college, but that’s irrelevant and beside the point.] The point is: you can sign out a sewing machine from the library!! How cool is that? Sign it out and fix your broken stuff or sew matching pyjamas for you and all of your roommates. Get creative (literally)!

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Electronic Keyboard

There is a quote by Albert Schweitzer that I love:

“There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.”

Now, I don’t mean to say that midterm exams are “miseries” exactly, but let’s be honest. A refuge from midterms would be nice. Unfortunately you can’t have cats in your dorm, but you can have music! In fact, you can make your own music with a keyboard signed out from the library. We even have books to get you started if you want to learn to play! Come sign it out and begin your new life as a rock/pop/EDM/classical virtuoso.

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Were you surprised by any of these? Have any suggestions for other neat things you’d like to see offered by the library? Let us know at the desk, and come check some of our cool gadgets out!